The world moves at a blistering pace. Rediscover tranquility when you slow down and seek out the small moments of bliss that keep spiritual, emotional wellness in balance.

Tap into your own vital life energy with pure essential oils and blends formulated for their ability to promote inner peace and emotional well-being. Our Balance products can guide you to your spiritual and emotional centre, helping you live fully in the present moment.

Young Living Spiritual Products

Spiritual Health

With biblical essential oils like frankincense and myrhh, our Spiritual line enhances moments of devotion and reverence.

Essential Oils

  • Rose – Steam distilled from rose petals, this oil is also deeply nourishing and beneficial to the skin. To produce one 5 ml bottle of rose oil, it takes 9.85 kilograms of rose petals!
  • Sacred Frankincense™ essential oil comes from the Boswellia sacra frankincense tree, grows and distilled in Oman and is regarded the world over as the rarest, most sought-after aromatic in existence.
  • Sacred Mountain™ is a blend of Ylang Ylang and conifer oils that promotes sensations of strength, empowerment, grounding, and protection aromatically.
  • 3 Wise Men™ oil blend contains Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Myrrh essential oils and is considered a gift by many, designed to soothes and uplifts aromatically.
  • White Angelica is a calming and soothing blend contains pure Melissa and Bergamot essential oils that harmoniously brings protection and positive aura aromatically.

Stress Relief

The beautiful scents of our essential oils can be your natural solution to occasional tension and troubles. Soul-soothing essential oils like lavender, sandalwood and spruce can help you overcome negativity and help you keep calm.

Young Living Relaxation Products

Essential Oils

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • RutaVaLa Essential Oil
  • Tranquil Roll-on

Massage Oils

  • Cel-Lite Massage Oil
  • Ortho Sport Massage Oil
  • Sensation Massage Oil
  • V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex